Six months old… and VERY mobile…

Asher turned six months old a couple weeks back, and as usual we’re a little behind on the blog =).  He now checks in at 17 lbs. 2 ounces… a bit of a light weight for his age, but not that bad.   And certainly strong for his weight as these videos — which show him crawling and climbing, will show…

Asher crawling and climbing up his cage

Asher crawling to Daddy!

He also experienced his first Halloween — here’s a picture of the little monster =)

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Asher and his quest to get “mobile”

We keep getting told Asher is wicked sma-ht for his age, and people are amazed that he’s thisclose to crawling.   See for yourself:

Asher learning to crawl

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Labor Day 2011

Looks like our Labor Day will be indoors as we deal with Tropical Storm Lee, but that doesn’t mean fun wasn’t had already.  We’ve got some photos of Asher in his captain’s chair, his first bites of “solid food”, and the visit from the grandparents:

All in all, I think the little guy had a very busy holiday, don’t you?

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Four months and change!

Asher’s four-month check-up was a great one!  The pediatrician said our baby checks in at 14 lbs., 14 ounces, and 25 inches — exactly average on both.  She also said that our little boy is advanced for his age and she said he’s ready to take his first steps into “solid food”.

Here’s a picture of his first attempt — it didn’t last long, but it was a start =)

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Asher’s first trip to the lake!

OK, this was daddy’s first trip to the lake as well, but a great time was had by all.  Asher even did a little floating of his own — yeah, that boy’s got some nautical genes in him!

Here’s a pic of Captain Asher for ya:

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Asher at 3 months (and a few days)…

OK, so we missed Asher’s three month mark by a few days, but the little guy is just growing and growing day by day!  It looks like his latest interests are to give his legs a test drive.  What do ya’ll think — future soccer player in our mist?

Future Soccer Player?



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Fourth of July 2011!

We’ve been a little slow to post the 4th of July photos, but that’s because there were so many of them!  Hope ya’ll enjoy!

I know someone who had a good time!

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Asher turns 2 (months)!

Asher turned 2 months old yesterday!  Here’s a slew of photos that I haven’t had time to post over the last month.  I have my favorite — he’s already asserting himself as king of the castle!

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Asher’s First Video — Tummy Time!

Asher’s first ever web video!  He had some tummy time today where he raised up, flipped onto his back, was amused by the shaking lion, and grabbed some rings.  Not bad for a morning’s work!  Enjoy!


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Memorial Day Weekend (aka Asher’s big party!)

Memorial Day weekend made for a fine weekend for Asher to have a big party and meet most of the family!  Dad, Kathy, Nicolette, and even Mr. Mike made visits to the ATL as well to give our boy some love.  Hope ya’ll enjoy the photos!

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